Juvenile Arthritis Story in the Sunshine Coast Daily.

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I read a story in the Sunshine Coast daily about the increase in the number of children hospitalized with the diagnosis of Juvenile Arthritis. There was nothing in the article to suggest a cause for the rise in numbers. Further down in the comments section I read that someone had posted that the cause of the rise in numbers was due to fluoride being added to the water supply. I found this interesting, as I have read reports of scientists finding skeletal remains of children who had clearly been severely deformed by arthritis. This is long before any water they would have drunk containing fluoride. Instead would it not be more plausible to consider the possibility that more awareness about this condition has resulted in more accurate diagnosis of juvenile arthritis rather than misdiagnosis of growing pains, flat feet or whatever else was given to parents as a possible explanation? To view the article please click here.

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