Saying Goodbye is the Hardest Part

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The hardest part of having pets is when the time comes to say goodbye. The time came yesterday for my two oldest furrbabies, Missy and Zack, who were both 14 years of age and so much a part of our family. Missy is possibly the first dog I have ever known to have what could be described as OCD. Nothing was allowed to be out of place. If a light was left on, or shoes weren’t put away she wouldn’t settle until it was fixed. I was 15 when Missy was welcomed into our family. I remember one easter she came running out of mum’s room with turkish delight easter egg foil caught in her bib. Mum thought that us kids must have dropped the foil on the floor on our way to the bin, however it turned out that Missy had found mum’s secret easter egg stash and had helped herself! Quick trip to the vet that day to ensure that she was ok!

Zacky (being a Chihuahua) was a feisty character from day one who mellowed as he aged – although General (our wolfhound) may not agree with that statement! Poor General just had to look in Zacky’s direction and Zack would growl, sending General scurrying away with his tail between his legs!

We had so many wonderful years together, I wish it could have been decades more.

Rest in Peace Missy and Zack. Love you always.ImageImage

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