Krista has Arthritis too

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My gorgeous staffy Krista has arthritis too. She is visiting the vet tomorrow for another cartrophen injection. Krista was diagnosed two years ago with arthritis in both her back knees and late last year it progressed to her front left leg as well. Krista started her cartrophen program with one injection every week for four weeks and then a maintenance dose every 3 months. This has worked really well for her in the past, but lately I noticed that whenever I was in pain, Krista has been to so we are now increasing her cartrophen injections to once a month to see if that provides some relief. She also has prescribed anti inflammatories if required. Krista loves having a warm shower as well, it seems to help. 

Thankfully Krista has many more good days than bad, but I hate seeing anyone in pain so would rather get on top of this fast. She’s only 5 and has many more years ahead of her. A big thank you to the amazing team at Maroochy Veterinary Clinic for taking such great care of all our animals. They have been so patient with Krista, she hates needles.

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