Making the Most of your Private Health Insurance

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The 1st of April saw the cost of Private Health Insurance in Australia rise again. I’ve been paying private health insurance for years and I have hardly used it, opting instead to use the public health system. My opinions changed once i went into labour with Jake. It was prolonged and painful and not something i wanted to do again when I fell pregnant with Lisa. With Lisa, I opted to go through a private hospital. I had the one obstetrician who followed my progress from start to finish, he liaised with my rheumatologist and GP regularly to ensure that everyone was up-to-date with my progress.

When I fell pregnant with Jake I began to experience cramping pains in my abdomen after severe flare ups. This has continued and has been the cause of my last two trips to the emergency room as the pain has been severe and not even a morpheine injection did anything to lessen the pain. Both my GP and the doctors in the ER have recommended both a colonoscopy and an endoscopy in an attempt to find answers to this pain (suspected Chron’s Disease or Irritable Bowel Disease). I was informed by my treating doctor in the ER that colonoscopies have a waiting list of at least six months for emergency cases and he recommended that I be referred to a private practice who might be able to see me sooner.

I took his advice and have an appointment booked for the 22nd of April. My private health insurance will cover the cost except for the $17 worth of medicine stuff that you have to take before the procedure (I haven’t had this done before so please excuse the lack of technical terminology).

I am now happy that I have continued with my private health cover, even if it does mean cutting back on non-essentials to cover the cost.

The Australian Government has put together a website to explain how private health insurance works, the different levels of cover, a list of different health funds and a comparison service. Please click here to view their website.

There are other Health Insurance comparison services such as Choosi an iSelect which can also assist you to choose the right health cover to suit your needs and budget.

Please Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I have not been paid or approached by any of the businesses mentioned in this post.

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