Easing the Pain

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On Ten Eyewitness News last night they had a news story about ‘Arthritis’. I’m pretty skeptical about all news stories that use the umbrella term arthritis as (in my opinion) they are trying to real as many arthritis sufferers in to watch their program as possible by not clarifying whether the story is about a particular type of arthritis, even a breakdown of whether it was a story about degenerative arthritis or inflammatory arthritis would be great, as most stories seem to be about osteoarthritis. No use to me!

The story last night was about Rheumatoid Arthritis, and possible treatment using the ‘Thundergod Vine’ in combination with other treatments such as methotrexate. Click here to view the video.

Before you rush out and try this for yourself I strongly advise speaking to your treating doctor about possible drug interactions and whether this treatment is right for you. As with everything there are side effects. The following articles may provide some more information but please discuss with your doctor or treating physician first.
Thundergod Vine by WebMD
Chinese ‘Thunder God’ Herb Works as Well as Pain Drug by thedoctorschannel.com

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