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Is it any wonder that there are so many accidents with medications? I’ve been on doxycycline (an antibiotic) for nearly a year now to help control the rosacea. Recently the pharmacist started to stick warning stickers on the box which I found amusing (I think that’s the word I’m after).

Photo 1 shows the sticker the pharmacist put on the box stating ‘Do not take dairy products, antacids, iron or calcium supplements within two hours of each dose of this medicine’. Fair enough, I can do that. However when I turn the box over, the pharmaceutical company have printed something completely different as shown in Photo 2.

‘DIRECTIONS FOR USE: AS PRESCRIBED BY PHYSICIAN  …..  Take the Doxycycline Sandoz tablets in the morning with a glass of milk or food’. Please correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t milk a dairy product?

Doxy 3 Doxy 2

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