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Imagine you were restricted to a wheelchair, and could only go where your wheelchair could—only to places that were handicap accessible. Imagine you needed certain specialised services. Now imagine you were moving to a new town, and the only information you could get about this new location was from people without disabilities; people who have no idea which places are accessible and which are not, people who have no clue what specialised services might be available.

Hi. My name is Tara Anderson, and I’m the founder of a new website called EnabledIsAbled.com The vision behind this website is a simple one: to allow those of us with disabilities to access the information we need for our day to day lives; information on businesses, products and services that matter to disabled people.

This website was born out of my personal experience. I was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis when I was just three years old, after my parents had spent two years flying all over Australia trying to find out what was the matter with their daughter. I’ve spent my life in and out of a wheelchair. I’ve made numerous moves across the country, and each time I moved I had to start from scratch; learning how to navigate, finding the services which help me manage my condition and experience life.

EnabledIsAbled.com will include a directory with in depth information about services and accessibility, including such information as rebates, languages spoken and who the services would be recommended for. It will also feature a nutrition module, focusing on the benefits of food as medicine; a gardening module with information to help us grow our own food, and a mismatched shoe module that will allow those of us with completely different sized feet to sell our single unused shoes to our sole-mates.

This website has the potential to become the ‘go to’ source for all those with special needs and their caretakers; both those planning to relocate as well as those who just need information about the place they already live. It’s a website that meets an enormous need. But for this website to go from a dream to reality I need your help. I’ve been funding this project out of pocket, but I’ve only got so many resources. Right now, if we are going to be able to finalise these modules and bring this website up to its full potential, more funding is needed.

This is your chance to partner with something that will really make a difference in the lives of many, many people.

Thank you.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


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