The Future of Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

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Everyday there seems to be a new ‘arthritis cure’ promoted by media organisations looking to boost ratings. I personally find this very upsetting, not just for those that live with the illness, but also for their loved ones who are helpless and just as desperate to find answers to help relieve the pain.

So when my mum phoned me a few days ago with the latest ‘cure’ for rheumatoid arthritis on GEM (for the record I have ankylosing spondylitis but there are many treatments that are similar), I was not in a huge hurry to check it out but mum was insistent that this may be different.

So it turns out this story was not another re-run of green-lipped mussel oysters capsules, a fad diet or exercise program designed to cure every type of arthritis regardless of whether it was inflammatory or degenerative. This was a story about a device about the size of  a 20 cent piece (which in a nutshell) works by zapping a nerve thereby reducing the amount of inflammation in the body. To read the full story please click on the following link:

I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this potential new treatment. Please join the conversation by going to:

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