My Furbabies

I believe strongly in the benefits of Pet Therapy (I will cover this in another section). That, and I am a bleeding heart for an animal in need. Between my mum and myself we have 7 dogs and I have a cat. Let me introduce them to you.

This is Diesel


Diesel is a Shit-tzu cross sneaky superdog from next door. Everyone loves Diesel, he is very placid in nature, and great with the kids.

This is General


Technically General is Melissa’s dog (Melissa is my sister), however as she is a shift worker and does long stints away from home, we’ve pretty much adopted him. General is a Wolfhound X and is possibly the most gentle dog I have ever known.

This is Holly


Miss Holly is about 6 years old now. She only has one eye, however that certainly doesn’t slow her down. Holly is a Pomeranian.

This is Krista


Miss Krista is a gorgeous little Staffy, she is arthritic too! She developed the condition when she was about 3 years old. It was a relatively easy diagnosis, whenever I was sore so was she! A quick trip to our local vet here in Maroochydore (Maroochydore Veterinary Surgery – Retief Botha is amazing with all our animals, if you live on the Sunshine Coast and are looking for a great vet I can’t say enough good things about them – their premises is also disability friendly, and Lyn grooms all our pets to) Krista is now on 3 monthly Catrophen injections and these are working wonders. Her treatment began with one injection every week for 4 weeks and then every three months from then on. She’s a brilliant bundle of energy!

This is Missy


Miss Moo is a Pomeranian as well and is the oldest of our furrbabies at 13 years of age. She has undergone two knee reconstructions and runs around like a new puppy! Missy is very observant and will soon let us know if something is out of place or if we leave a light on when we leave a room.

This is Zack


(Zack is the white fluffy chihuahua). Mr Zack is 13 years old now as well, he has recently torn a ligament in his knee so is taking it easy at the moment. Zack seems to have a sixth sense and sits with people when they’re not well.

This is Kasey


Miss Kasey has also had two knee reconstructions. She is a Maltese cross Silky Terrier. Mum and I found her in a pet shop in Townsville. She had a hernia. Being the bleeding hearts that we are we bought her and took her straight to our local vet (Hammett Street Vets in Townsville, Max and the team are superstars). Kasey is approximately 9 years old now. Kasey is a very happy puppy, she loves attention.

This is Gus


Gus is an RSPCA special and a treasured member of our family. I never thought that I would own a cat, as I have always loved dogs. Gus and Mick came as a packaged deal. I love them both!

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