Arthritis and the Weather

Whether Weather Affects Arthritis

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Here on the Sunny Coast it’s currently not so sunny. So far today we have had 122mm of rain since 9am this morning (it’s currently 9pm). I’ve had a lot of trouble this afternoon with pain in my hips and I started thinking about how much (if any) research had been recently conducted into the relationship between arthritic conditions and the weather (or whether it was still widely believed to be ‘an old wives tale’).

A quick search online led me to this article – produced by – Whether Weather Affects Arthritis, further research led to this article – produced by Medical News Today – Does Weather Affect Arthritis Pain?.

I continued my online search for something concrete which could give me a definitive answer as to the reason why the pain seems to be so much worse in the lead up to a rain event. My conclusion: a lot more research needs to be done in this area to find a definitive reason as to why I can be more accurate about upcoming rain events than the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

For those that are living in Australia, I have found that Higgins Storm Chasing is quite good at providing information on upcoming weather events. They have a facebook page which makes accessing this information so much easier! You can find their facebook here.

Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a great night. I’m off to bed to listen to the rain continue to dance on my roof! I hope this rain is reaching the farmers as well. Good night everyone 🙂